NHS Purchase Orders

​Here at Batherton-Express.co.uk we accept purchase orders from NHS, local authority and other institutions (listed below).

To order please e-mail your purchase order to:                  sales@batherton-express.co.uk

Or speak to our sales team on 01270 440 360 and place your order over the telephone and pay by card.

Invoice – 30 Day Terms

Official purchase orders on standard 30 day credit terms are accepted from the following agencies:

NHS Trusts, PCT's Foundation Trusts, GPs and other NHS agencies, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Councils, Police Authorities, Prison Service

Please note a valid purchase order must be provided when ordering.

Pro Forma Invoice

If you are not listed above you can still choose to be invoiced on a pro-forma basis. Goods will only be shipped once the pro-forma invoice has been paid in full.

More secrets info here.

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